Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad

Wedding photography is a very important aspect of wedding festivities. No matter what kind of wedding you are having, you want those memories to stay with you forever. And nowadays wedding photography in Hyderabad has become the next big thing in the wedding industry. Everyone wants candid photos of their marriage. Another aspect of wedding photography is pre-wedding shoots. Everyone wants they pre-wedding shoots to be different from others around them and this leads to better ideation and concepts. This is where Little Frames comes into play. We have the best wedding photographers in Hyderabad to give you the wedding photographs of your dreams and also made sure that the album we are framing them in is designed to perfection to give you that royal treatment.

Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad

Candid Photography

Our candid photography services are one of the best services we provide. Your memories are in perfect store with us when you choose the candid photography services because, with this, we capture genuine moments, not poses. The wedding bb photography services, along with candid photography have the ability to transform your photos from planned to real. Bring your memories back to life with this amazing feature in our photography services.

Don’t you worry, our amazing wedding photography services are full of skilled wedding photographers who know how to handle the camera and capture your best and flawless moments. We promise efficiency and genuineness.

Pre Wedding Photography

A lot of couples prefer pre-wedding photography and that needs precision. Pre-wedding bb photography does not involve a lot of makeup or extravagant dresses, so it is just the couples posing like they are in their regular life. This takes the right mind to capture the right moments. Our wedding photographer can generally also do the pre-wedding photoshoot. The pre-wedding photography has a lot to do with emotions and couples generally love their pre-wedding photoshoot more than their actual wedding pictures. Sometimes, couples who visit us bring families, who are also involved in the pre-wedding photoshoots, so it is very evident that these photoshoots capture the general love between couples and families.

Wedding Photography

The most awaited part of a wedding is to scroll through the pictures after it is over. The wedding bb photography includes capturing every aspect of the wedding. Our main plan is to have pictures that speak through the entire wedding. Our wedding photographers make sure to be able to capture the best moments of the wedding and compile them together for the wedding album. Our photographers take every best moment of the wedding into account. They do the best to make sure you can relieve the memories of your most beautiful day later in life too. Our wedding photography facilities have the ability to turn your wedding eternal.

Invitation Video

Our skilled professional wedding videographers can make amazing invitation videos. These are to make the guests comfortable and always put a smile on the faces of your loved ones. Invitation videos can be of any length the customer wants but it is generally shorter than other wedding videos. It is a must to include invitation videos in wedding videography because that is where it all starts. The invitation video can also be like an introduction video. We make sure to be able to give our best in this part because the introduction matters. Our team of best wedding photographers help with the invitation video too.

Pre Wedding Video Shoot

We capture memories, not poses. Our pre wedding video shoot is one of the best talked about wedding videography in the market. We conduct the pre wedding video shoot to capture every beautiful moment from the start rather than just concentrating on the climax. Our pre wedding videographers is to make sure all your memories are very well captured, especially the ones that couldn’t just be captured on still. Our wedding video shoot makes sure you have beautiful memories to look back to and cherish after your wedding is done. These stay forever with you and we want to deliver our best for your best day.

Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography is a very tricky business. We offer excellent wedding videography services and our videographers are very professional and skilled. The wedding videography videos are the most waited which the whole family watched afterwards. Our wedding videographers make sure to capture every moment in live action so that you don’t forget the beautiful moments that enhanced your wedding. Our wedding videography services are the one of our best aspects and we are proud to have such brilliant videographers who have an extensive knowledge about cameras and angles. Needless to mention, our videography unit is the cherry on cake of our photography business.

Cinematic Videography

Life isn’t a drama, but we can create one with it. The cinematic videography is one of the best aspects of wedding videography. We shoot the right moments to be put inside a reel of memories like a cinema where you’re the lead and everything is revolving around your day. Rightly so, your wedding day should be all about you. The cinematic videography is a type where your love is flaunted more than anything. Our team of professional wedding videographers take the help of different cameras and angles to bring in the best movie of your wedding day that they can. We prefer to keep it real and simple, rather than exaggerating, hence our cinematic approaches stand out more.

Aerial Video (Drone)

This is an extravagant unit of any wedding videography or video shoot. We offer aerial videography to the couples who are interested to make their wedding videos artistic. The entire wedding is captured from a far up distance and the videos have a very special artistic charm to it. Our skilled wedding videographers look forwards to capture interesting aerial videos that have the customer would love. Every aerial video has its own magic to offer, and though expensive, it definitely adds great elements to the final wedding video. Our videographers capture aerial videos very well and with perfect planning and set up.

FAQ’s in Wedding Photographers

Where are you located?

We are located in Hyderabad but we can send our photographers to your wedding venue even if it is outside the city.

Why should we hire Little Frames?

Our wedding photographers are some of the best in the city with experience in wedding photography. We will make sure not one of your special moments are missed and we promise to make them all look candid!

Do you also do pre-wedding shoots?

Pre-wedding shoots also come as part of the package if you choose them to be. We do conceptualised pre-wedding shoots to showcase your love story as well.

What is the average wedding photography package like?

We cater to all kinds of budgets so bring your numbers to us and we will do the rest for you.

Do you shoot videos too?

Yes, our packages do include wedding videography at an additional charge. The videos are edited and given to the client with the photographs.

What is the average experience of the photographers in this field?

We have experienced photographers with at least 3-4 years of experience in wedding photography.

Do you shoot abroad?

We do travel abroad to shoot your wedding day and the ceremonies preceding it as well.

How soon do we get the developed photos?

You get your photos a week or two weeks post the wedding and post-wedding ceremonies.

How soon do we have to book a photographer for availability?

We say the sooner you book, the better for you! After all, the fairy tale wedding happens but once in your life.

Do you also take family portraits post the wedding?

Family portraits are a big thing in wedding photography and you can avail us on that service as well.


We had hired Little Frames for our Mehendi and Wedding ceremonies and the pictures have all come out lovely!

Thanks to Little Frames, I can now look at my wedding pictures and feel like a bride again.

Little Frames managed to capture the smallest of details at our wedding and we cherish the photos and the videos

Our pre-wedding shoot was like a real-life fairy tale. One can totally follow our journey through each of the pictures.

I had a white wedding and the pictures look better than the Royal Wedding! And that is saying something.

My brother hired Little Frames as his wedding gift to me and it could not have been better. All memories of our special day is captured by them.

The photographers are so talented that every single frame in my wedding album has been a candid and I cannot be happier with the services of Little Frames.

The photographers from Little Frames were there with us for five days during our wedding festivities. They were extremely patient and made both me and my wife look perfect in all the photographs.

I wanted to do a pre-wedding shoot on a yatch and the people at Little Frames made it happen! It was like a dream.

My sister hired Little Frames for her wedding and the result is so good that I am going to hire them next month for my own wedding ceremony.