Product Photography in Hyderabad

Product Photography in Hyderabad is growing rapidly. Every entrepreneur now knows the importance of photographing their products in a good light is important for marketing purposes. There are many branches of product photography including food photography where photographers are required to click images of food and beverages. There are many well-known food photographers in Hyderabad.

Another important variety of photography is fashion photography. Fashion Photography in Hyderabad is growing because of the increase in the number of designers who want to showcase their products to the right kind of audience.

Product Photography in Hyderabad

FAQ’s in Product Photography

Where are you located?

We are located in Hyderabad but depending on where you want us to shoot your respective product, we are free to travel as well.

What does product photography include?

Product photography is an intricate branch of photography which includes flat lays are concept photography. It includes food photography, jewellery photography, automobile photography and many more.

What is the difference between product photography and normal photography?

Normal photography depends on natural light, moods, moments etc while in product photography each aspect of the frame is meticulously planned and executed.

What is the average photography package like?

Budgets differ from product to product and also from one product category to another. You can give us a call and we can help you decide what could be an ideal budget.

Do you shoot videos of products too?

We do videography of products too as per the requirements of our clients.

Do you have a professional studio?

We have a professional photo studio of our own if you want to photograph your products in our own location.

What is the average experience of the photographers in this field?

We have experienced photographers with at least 3-4 years of experience in product photography including food, automobile, jewellery and many more.

Do you shoot abroad?

Depending on your requirements we are open to travelling abroad for shoots.

How soon do we get the developed photos?

You get your photos a week or two weeks post the shoot. We edit, retouch and polish the raw images before handing it over to you.

How soon do we have to book a photographer for availability?

Depending on your requirements, you should book us as early as possible for easier communication.

Customer Reviews:

We are a new café who did extensive shoots of all items on the menu. The pictures look decadent and has helped us in attracting new customers. – Anil

I am a designer based in Hyderabad and I am extremely happy with the photos we received from Little Frames of our garments. – Hari Krishna

We are a well-known jewellery brand and Little Frames did the photoshoot for our latest collection and the results have been smashing. – Prakash

Little Frames helped me take some gorgeous photos of my new Audi. I cannot wait to make my friends jealous. – Akbhar

Little Flowers have very talented photographers that make my cakes look almost as delicious as they taste. And my customers agree! – Vishnu

No one does jewellery photography better than the guys at Little Frames – Sharma

Our company did a product shoot at our office and the results turned out to be absolutely stunning! Much recommended! – Manoj

The best part of Little Frames shooting fashion photography is the availability of their studio for absolute professional work. Very impressed. – Anudeep

Little Frames shot the new cocktails in our menu and the results have been great. We have had new customers as a result of the photos.” “We hired Little Frames for jewellery photography and we are so happy with the results that we will hire them again in the future! – Mani