Baby Photography in Hyderabad

Baby Photography is one of the new things that the new generation of moms and dads are doing to commemorate their baby’s childhood. They include themed shoots and shoots with the parents and grandparents as well. It is taken as a souvenir for when the child finally grows up and it also goes viral on Instagram!

Baby Photography in Hyderabad is becoming common with the general public and it is a great way for new parents to bond with their kids while also capturing their cuteness on camera!

baby photography in hyderabad

FAQ’s in Baby Photography

Where are you located?

We are located in Hyderabad but we are available to shoot your munchkin anywhere in the country as per your requirements.

Why should we hire Little Frames?

We know babies are special. And they grow too quickly for all our likings and hence it is of utmost importance to have pictures that preserve those memories.

How different is baby photography to normal photography?

baby photography is different and difficult because you need to be in sync with the child and work on his/her timings which is difficult since they are so tiny.

What is the average kids photography package like?

We cater to all kinds of budgets so all you need to do is get your child in the studio or to a place of your liking and we will shoot for you.

Do you shoot BTS videos too?

As per your requirements, we can also provide a videographer to shoot BTS videos of your child in action!

What is the average experience of the photographers in this field?

We have experienced photographers with at least 3-4 years of experience in child photography. They are trained to handle kids with ease.

Do you conceptualize your shoot with input from the parents?

Our photographers conceptualize a shoot and get it approved from the parents. The parents and family members are given full reign to give their inputs to make the shoot more interactive and fun for the kids.

How soon do we get the developed photos?

You get your photos a week or two weeks post the shoot. We edit, retouch and polish the raw photos to give you the best possible output.

How soon do we have to book a photographer for availability?

We say the sooner you book, the better for you! After all, conceptualizing a shoot for a kid is more time consuming than candid photography or other kinds of photography as well.

Do you involve the parents in the photographs too?

As per the requirements of our clients we can shoot the child alone or with parents. Both options are provided by us as per your needs and requirements.

Customer Reviews:

We used Little Frames to commemorate our son’s first birthday and it was adorable! – Varsha

The photographers at Little Frames have great ideas that made our baby girl look absolutely adorable! – Ankita

We did a Disney Princess themed shoot with our two-year-old and she was so happy throughout the shoot and the photos came out splendid! -Shravana Reddy

We did a big photographic unveiling of our one-month-old twins and our family and friends totally appreciated the cute bundles of joys in our lives! – Mansih

We did a mommy and daughter photoshoot and it was the best way to have bonded with my child. The photographers at Little Frames were incredible! – Madhuri

My parents did a photoshoot with their grandson and it is something that I know he will grow up to appreciate. All the photos are extremely precious to us! – Kartheek

Little Frames has some of the best child photographers in Hyderabad! – Anusha

We are extremely happy with Little Frames as they have given me one of the most precious gifts of my life with my kid’s album. – Swapna

We shot a calendar with our two-month-old son and it turned out great! – Navya

We are so happy with the themed shoot we did with our five-year-old for his birthday! – Praveen